Software M&A Advisory

We provide immediate expert assistance to enable you to rapidly pinpoint license compliance, security, and quality threats in software applications.

With a track record of over 15 years, our team has been offering insightful counsel to clients regarding potential risks associated with software development and deployment. We continue to be a prominent player in the industry, known for our credible open source due diligence solutions for M&A transactions and internal compliance protocols. In fact, our diligent services have become the industry benchmark for a broad spectrum of software due diligence processes.

Our dedicated team facilitates:

  • Reducing potential legal liabilities by revealing hidden open source software and third-party code elements
  • Spotting open source license inconsistencies, security breaches, and other risks that could potentially influence software asset valuations
  • Identifying, comprehending, and rigorously testing software security vulnerabilities to highlight potential loopholes in proprietary software
  • Offering a comprehensive understanding of the software quality and the efficiency of its developmental management

We present to you a holistic view of open source license obligations along with software application security and code quality threats, empowering you to make decisions with conviction and informed judgment.

Open Source and Third-Party Code Evaluation

These evaluations equip you with an exhaustive open source Bill of Materials (BOM) for the target codebase, detailing all open source components, their associated license obligations, and an analysis of any potential conflicts.

Open Source Risk Analysis

Our open source risk analysis leverages our robust vulnerability data to present an in-depth perspective of open source threats present in the codebase, including identified security vulnerabilities. This can act as a pivotal action plan to prioritize investigation and potential mitigation steps. Moreover, this analysis can detect any encryption functions, allowing you to disclose appropriate information and maintain compliance with export regulations.

Web Services and API Risk Analysis

Our web services and API risk analysis delivers a comprehensive list of the external web services utilized by an application, coupled with an understanding of possible legal and data privacy threats. This enables you to rapidly assess web services risks across three critical aspects: governance, data privacy, and quality.

Software Quality Inspection Services

A code quality inspection amalgamates static analysis tools and a meticulous code review to evaluate the quality of the code. This inspection includes comparisons to industry benchmarks to gauge the quality, reusability, extensibility, and maintainability of proprietary code.

Software Development Process Evaluation

A software development process evaluation delves into the software development life cycle protocols and practices. This evaluation involves interviews with key personnel to gain insight into the quality and maturity of these processes. It also provides practical recommendations to enhance code quality while simultaneously minimizing costs.

Design Quality Evaluation

A design quality evaluation merges the expertise of seasoned architects with powerful architectural analysis tools to evaluate the overall software architecture in terms of its modularity and hierarchy. This holistic evaluation gives a comprehensive view of the software's health. It includes an analysis of how the architecture impacts maintainability and highlights potential risk areas that may require code refactoring.

Application Security Examination Services

Penetration Testing Evaluation

A penetration testing evaluation offers an analysis of the security fortitude of a software asset by assessing the application in its fully operational state. This process comprises a detailed risk assessment aimed at circumventing security protocols, exploiting business logic, and manipulating user authorization. This evaluation illustrates potential avenues that hackers might use to infiltrate the system and inflict harm.

Static Application Security Examination

A static application security examination merges automated scanning tools with a comprehensive review of the source code to systematically uncover severe software security vulnerabilities. These could include SQL injections, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, and other security threats recognized in the OWASP Top 10 list.

Secure Design Inspection

A secure design inspection critically evaluates the structure of pivotal security controls, including password storage, identity and access management, and cryptographic applications. This evaluation is based on industry best practices to ascertain any misconfigurations, weaknesses, misuse, or missing elements. It also identifies system defects related to security protocols in the application's design, but it does not include the testing or analysis of the application or code.