The world’s unified domain name blocking service.

Managing a large amount of domains across several domain name extensions for brands can consume considerable time, incur significant expenses, and expose the brand to risks both in terms of reputation and finances.
GlobalBlock efficiently secures all relevant names corresponding to the brand, preventing others from acquiring them, thus offering heightened protection for brand owners.
Ensuring protection and peace of mind, GlobalBlock adeptly manages domain name portfolios, shielding them from inadvertent drops or deletions. Brands retain the freedom to unblock and register their domains whenever necessary. Additionally, for enhanced security, the advanced GlobalBlock+ service automatically prevents the registration of ‘look-alike variations’ commonly exploited in phishing attacks and other forms of abuse.

Key Benefits and Features

Automatic Protection

GlobalBlock captures all available names that match your brand and places them in your account which prevents bad actors from getting their hands on them.

Global Coverage

With nearly 600 domain extensions covered from around the world, you have unprecedented coverage in one simple and cost-effective transaction.

Domain Unblocking

Have a domain that is blocked but found a use for it within your business? GlobalBlock’s Domain Unblock service allows you to simply submit a request and it’s yours to use as and when you wish.

Automatic Domain Assurance

Mistakes can and do happen. To mitigate the risk of losing a domain name, GlobalBlock catches any domain that matches your brand if it accidentally expires or is deleted.

Priority AutoCatch

GlobalBlock diligently monitors domains corresponding to your brand name, including those owned by third parties. Should these domains become available, GlobalBlock automatically secures them and integrates them into your account at no additional expense.

Easy Verification

Verification is simply performed with a certified copy of the trademark registration (screenshot of an online record of the Intellectual Property body database) or other documentary evidence by the authorized representative of the registered owner of the trademark.

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  • Automatic protection across all GlobalBlock extensions
  • Global Coverage
  • Premium domain name blocking
  • Priority AutoCatch
  • Domain Unblock
  • Automatic Domain Assurance
  • Blocking of all main labels included (GlobalBlock+ only)
  • Blocking of homoglyph confusable characters (GlobalBlock+ only)
  • Additional brand management included by INXSOFT to cover an even larger amount of domains
  • Free reports and analytics for your domain portfolio
  • Brand monitoring of additional top level domains. Recently extended to .AI domains for a much larger coverage.